Q1: I cannot login to the web UI of the repeater. What should I do?

A1: Try the following solutions:

If a WiFi device is used, ensure that your WiFi device has connected to the repeater's WiFi network rockspace_EXT, and the Mobile Data (if any) function is disabled.If a computer is used, ensure that your computer has connected to the repeater's WiFi network rockspace_EXT, and your computer has set to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Or unplug the Ethernet cable.Reset the repeater, and try again.

Q2: How to reset the repeater?

A2: When the PWR LED of the repeater is solid on, press the RESET button on the repeater with power on using a paper clip, and release.

After the PWR LED turns solid on, the repeater is restored to the factory settings.

Q3: Why is it useless to press the RST button?

A3: Please confrm long press the RST button for 8 seconds with power on.

Q4: The repeater cannot fnd the WiFi network of my router/modem.

What should I do?

A4: The router may be encrypted with WEP or WPA/WPA (Enterprise) algorithm. Change the encryption type of the router to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, and try scanning again.

Q5: Unable to login repeater interface

A5: Confrm the situation is before or after the expansion.

a. Before the extension:

Please confrm you have connected to the correct signal of the repeater. (Thename of its wireless signal is attached to the product sticker) Confrm the domain name (re.rockspace.local), or IP access ( that entered in the address bar is correct.

If you are unable to login, please close the browser(but not just return) and open a new page to try again. If still failed, please wipe all the browser cache or reboot your mobile device.

If all the solutions above are not working, we recommend that you can restore factory settings or recharging the plug in the socket, then try to connect and login again.

b. After the extension:

There are two ways to deal with this problem:

Method 1:

1. First, make sure that you have connected to the correct signal of the repeater. If the SSID of the repeater is the same as the superior signal (the router signal), you have to confrm you connected to the signal of the repeater.

After connecting to the repeater wireless signal, please confrm the IP of the repeater signal is assigned by superior router.

Then login by this domain name: re.rockspace.local.

If failed, please cut of the power supply and re-connect the power supply.

Then you login by the domain name after the repeater extended automatically.

If the last step above doesnt work, please change to a laptop or a mobile phone to login.

Method 2:

First, make sure you have connected to the WiFi signal(no matter the routers or extenders) , and then login the interface of the router;

Open the Client List of the router interface to view connected devices. After fnding the mac address (that is attached to the product stick)of the repeater,

you can get the IP address of extender that assigned by router.

Open a browser, enter the IP address in the address bar, and then you can enter the interface.

Q6: I can fnd someone else’s wif signal, but I can’t fnd mine?

A6: You need to check the signal strength that your mobile advice can get

in the same place.(Maybe the signal in this place is poor)

You should check if the encryption of the superior router is WEP. Only no encryption, WPA, WPA2 and mixed mode can be supporter by this repeater.

Whether the superior signal is hidden; (You can check this by your mobile


Q7: Always prompt for failure when extending.

A7: 1. Check the indicator is blue/red/not bright(if the indicator not bright, it

means a failed matching).

If you cant fnd the superior signal when extending, please try the following solutions:

Set the SSID of the router and repeater to numbers and letters combination;

Move the repeater closer to the router;

Confrm the encryption mode of the superior signal is not WEP.(Only no encryption, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK or their mixed mode can be supported by our repeater)

Confrm the superior signal is not turned of or hidden.

Login the interface of the router to check if restrictions are made, such as MAC flter, Blacklist.

Confrm the password of your superior router you entered is correct.(The password entered in the extension process is the password for the superior router)

Modify the signal name and password for the superior router, and reset the repeater.

If none of the above causes, please note your superior router model, repeater serial number and use information. Then feedback to this e-mail: techsup-port@rockspace.cc

Q8: The indicator shows red or no light (weak signal or fled connecting)?

A8: How to confrm a successful extension?

You can search the signal to see if there is a repeater factory SSID(If the SSID of the signal is still the factory setting, then it means a failed extension.)

Observe the exact color and status of the indicator by darkening the surround-ing.

Login the interface of the repeater to see if the extended state is expanded.

If you are sure that the extension is successful, you can keep the antenna upward and parallel with the antenna of the router; If not, please replace its angle.

3. You can put the repeater and router closer, and observe if the indicator gets solid blue.

Q9: No internet access after extension?

A9: Confrm whether the extension is successful. (Judge by indicator and management interface)

Disconnecting the device without internet access, and connect again to see if it is available.

To see if the superior signal strength is too low by repeater interface.(We recommend the repeater should be placed somewhere between 40%-50% of the signal strength.)

When the signal of the repeater is connected, see if its SSID is assigned by router.

Reset the repeater and try others WIFI signal.

Q10: The extended signal is poor?

A10: Dont put the repeater too close to the router.

Place the repeater in the middle of the router and the farthest place you want to extend.

If you want to extend the signal in horizontal direction, the repeater antenna is positioned upward, and parallel to the router. If it is for duplex house, both the antennas of the repeater and router should be tilted and remain parallel.

Q11: Unable to connect the repeater signal after a while of a successful extension?

A11: Check on the interface for restrictions and blacklist.

Clear cache of the extended signal, then reconnect.

Reset the repeater and set up again.

Q12: Sometimes repeater and mobile device will lose their connection after extension?

A12: a. When the indicator turns no light, it mean the repeater and router are disconnected.

Please verify if any changes have been made.

Enter the router interface to view the history, and check the status of the superior router.

If the router is fne, judging the strength of the signal by indicators color. You can adjust the location and direction of the repeater.

b. When the indicator is solid blue

Please check if the SSID of the repeater contains special characters or Chinese,we command you can set the SSID to alphanumeric combination.

Q13: The network is not available after extension.

A13: Check if the indicator turns no light;

If the indicator is red, but no network. To see if the superior signal strength is too low by repeater interface.(We recommend the repeater should be placed somewhere between 40%-50% of the signal strength.)

Check if the IP that connected to the devices is assigned by router.

Q14: The network is slow after extension.

A14: View the color of the indicator:

Solid blue: The signal strength received by repeater is above -60db.

Solid red: The signal strength received by repeater is above -61db~-74db. (The signal is a little bit week. It is recommend to move the repeater a little closer, and the repeater antenna is parallel to the router.)

No light: The signal strength received by repeater is below -74db. (The signal is week. It is recommend to move the repeater closer, and the repeater antenna is parallel to the router. )

Under general situation, when the signal strength that received by repeater is between 40% and 79% (While the interface shows a signal with 2 bars), the repeater works best at this time.

Check the network speed when your device connect the router directly at that position.

a. When the network speed between the router and repeater is the same, it means the connection is fne.(You can check the router.)

b. When the network speed is faster than that at repeater, please check the following problems:

Check the placement of the repeater, avoid putting it in the corner;

Check if the antenna of the repeater and router is paralleled,a paralleled antenna will be better for the connection.

If the above situation is excluded, please reset the repeater, and try to connect the repeater to the router again.

Reset the repeater.

Q15: After extension, it has a strong signal but low speed.

A15: Check the color of the indicator:

Solid blue indicates a strong signal;

Solid red indicates a little week signal;

It is recommend to put the repeater in the place where the superior is between 40% and 50%, and please keep the antenna upward.

Q16: Prompt a single frequency extended state after successful expansion:

A16: To see if the signal is a hided signal, whether the encryption method is WPA or WPA2 or mixed encryption, whether with special symbols, or modify the signal channel, then attempting to re-enter the Extender interface to try to expand;

Whether the password of the signal extended unsuccessfully consistent with the extended signal, in this case need to go into the Extender interface to expand it.